What do CEPP do?

It’s simple, really – our job is to help you to enjoy and do your best at school. We’ll want to know how you’re getting on with your work, whether you get on with your classmates and teachers, if you have any worries or problems. This information will help us to come up with ideas to support you.

We’ll gather some information by:

– perhaps coming to your classroom to look at your schoolwork
– giving you some activities to complete when you are with us
– talking to you, your parents/carers and teachers about school and what would make it better for you

Why do I have to see you?

You’ve been asked to see one of us so that we can find ways to help you in school. Our priority is to make you feel relaxed about sharing information with us to help you progress. If you feel daunted about seeing us, you could talk it through with a parent, teacher or someone else you trust? 

Can I ask you questions?

Absolutely, please ask us any questions that you like.

Where will I see you?

We come to you. You’ll normally see us at your school. School will be able to provide the name of the person who will work with you and you can see our pictures on our home page.

Will you tell other people what I have said?

With your permission we will share your views with relevant others who may be able to help.

What happens after I have seen you?

After we’ve met up, we’ll talk to your parents and teachers about how we can help you in school. We’ll prepare a letter to share with them that includes details of what help you would benefit from. If you like, you can read this too.