Our team are able to work individually with specific children, helping to identify and treat their needs or alternatively work with groups of children on developing skills together whilst improving independence and confidence.

We have worked closely with many education settings and families alike, to help children improve and develop their motor skills to make day to day activities both in school and in the home easier.

Of particular interest to the team is the development of motor skills in children and the unique relationship these have with a child’s ability to be independent with functional life skills from early childhood through to teens and beyond.

Occupational Therapy Support


Assessment and planning

  • Assessment (full or summary)
  • Consultation and planning meetings (form individual students to whole school development)

Intervention and Review

  • Block of 3 fortnightly therapy sessions with programme 
  • Block of 6 therapy sessions with programme 
  • Programme provision
  • Pupil Review meetings
  • Single therapy session with programme provision

Other Support

  • Early Years Support
  • Letters of support/recommendations to other professionals
  • Monitor delivery of interventions or complete a learning walk around specific areas of expertise
  • Research based Action Research Projects
  • Whole school systemic work


  • Fine motor skills – how and why do we need to improve them 
  • Integrating motor development skills within the curriculum 
  • OT equipment to support motor development 
  • Role of OT within school