Educational Psychology

Educational and Clinical Psychologists (EPs) use a wide range of knowledge about psychology and apply this to their work with children and young people to move things forward. They have extensive training and experience of psychological theory and practice – continuing professional development is a critical part of the EP role.

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Speech & Language

Speech and Language Therapy offers a complete assessment of a pupils communication skills such as understanding, memory and expression. Difficulties in this area often contribute to behaviour, emotional and learning difficulties so it is important to investigate these in order to create a holistic overview of the needs of the student.

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Specialist Teaching

Our Specialist Teaching team provides a service for children, young people and those who support them. We also offer advice and training for settings and parents on how best to meet the needs of students with SEND. 

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Occupational Therapy

Our team are able to work individually with specific children, helping to identify and treat their needs or alternatively work with groups of children on developing skills together whilst improving independence and confidence.

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