Speech and Language Therapy offers a complete assessment of a pupils communication skills such as understanding, memory and expression. Difficulties in this area often contribute to behaviour, emotional and learning difficulties so it is important to investigate these in order to create a holistic overview of the needs of the student.

Speech & Language Therapy Support

Popular SALT Services


A full assessment of a student’s communication strengths and areas for development using informal and formal assessments plus classroom observation and feedback. Parents and school staff then receive an in depth report.


6 weekly (45 minute – 1 hour sessions) targeting the student’s area of need. This is completed at school usually with a Teaching Assistant observing, who then carries on the work once the block has been completed.

Pre and Post Therapy Screening

A language screen of up to 4 children using a SALT screening tool. The assessments take 15-20 minutes each which then provides schools and parents with baseline and review evidence prior to any onward referral. This also includes up to 4 short reports recommending activities specific to each student’s area of need, plus support/ modelling of activities for staff if needed.


We often provide bespoke training sessions to suit your school’s communication needs, staff skill mix and time available, including short after school/ twilight sessions and longer half/ full day INSET sessions. Previous topics have included: working with children with comprehension, expression or speech sound difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Selective Mutism, Adult-Child Interaction, dysfluency, working with parents and language development for the under 5’s.

We can also provide any Elkan course (a 10 week accredited communication course).

Environmental Audits

A 1-2 hour observation and audit of your classroom/ school setting to consider how the student’s learning environment is aiding his/her communication, and what adjustments could be made to further promote their learning space as a communication enriching environment. This is summarised in a short report with resources.

In-School Support

Attendance at Planning Meetings to discuss early intervention, referrals, short consultations with teaching staff to discuss targets set / next steps, or demonstration of recommended speech and language activities.

Multi Disciplinary Support

Assessment of individual students alongside Educational/Clinical Psychology, Specialist Teacher and/or Occupational Therapy colleagues to give a holistic overview of the student’s strengths and areas of difficulty.

Other Support and Services

Assessment and Planning

  • Assessments (speech, language, social communication issues and ASD)
  • Consultation and planning meetings (form individual students to whole school development)
  • Package of care that completes initial screen, therapy and a re-screen/impact measure for schools.

Intervention and Review

  • Individual / paired therapy – expressive and receptive language skills
  • Individual / paired therapy – speech sound production
  • Pupil Review meetings

Other Support

  • Early Years Support
  • Monitor delivery of interventions or complete a learning walk around specific areas of expertise
  • Research based Action Research Projects
  • Whole school systemic work


  • Support for staff and individuals presenting as selectively mute
  • Supporting the implementation of social skills groups