CEPP aim to provide a clearer picture of how to help your child make progress. We may do this by:

• Having discussions with school staff
• Observing your child at school
• Speaking to any other professionals who are involved with your child
• Doing activities to find out how your child learns
• Having discussions with you and your child
• Looking at your child’s work
• Providing support at transition stages, e.g. when a child moves from primary to secondary school

How can we help?

We can provide new ideas and advice to schools and parents/carers about how best to support your child. We can also provide information on additional support available and other professionals who might be able to help.

It is your decision whether your child is referred to us. Your child’s school may suggest it and will explain why they think this is a good idea. If you are confused or unsure, you can arrange to speak to us before making your decision. You may change your mind at any time.

Meeting us

We will usually see your child in school and you will be informed by school whenever we are due visit. Most of the time, you are not required to be present for our consultations with your child or for discussions about your child with school staff. Typically, after we have worked with your child, we will arrange a meeting with you and the school to discuss the findings and provide ideas to help your child.

Information about your child

We will only share information about your child to people approved by you. This will usually be the school and other professionals involved with your child.
If we believe there is an issue relating to child protection we have a duty to share this information with the designated professional in school and our principal psychologist to seek further advice.

Contact us

We are always happy for you to contact us and will answer any questions you have. Your child’s school will be able to provide the name of the professional who is working with your child and you can see our pictures here.